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  • As an Australian company, we’re heartbroken to witness the loss and devastation of local communities and wildlife in the bushfire crisis.

Community and people are at the heart of what we do. On behalf of our team, Envato will be donating $10,000 to the @redcrossau Bushfire Relief and Recovery Appeal, with further commitments to support the recovery process through local organisations.

It is uplifting to see how our global community is coming together to help in any way they can. These are some organisations where you can donate directly to for emergency and recovery relief:

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Training Packages – General Weapons Competency

Whether you are a total novice or an experienced Operator, we all need to start with the basics. The first part of the our 2 day course is classroom based for Natural Safety Procedures (NSPs) and basic weapon drills.

Once our instructors are confident that you understand the safety and theory aspects of firing on our range, you will progress to to the firing bays to get “hands on” with your selected weapon system/s.

In some cases, students may start live firing from one of our Learner Bays with full overhead and side protection progressing onto the 100m Grouping & Zeroing range to complete their competency course.

Please note: All Weapons License are issued by the Bulgarian State and require approval from a medical doctor and your local (BG) police department in order for you to own a live weapon and ammunition.

Required Documents –  You will require 2 x Passport Photos, your Bulgarian ID (Residence is required to take the Police Saftey Test), medical certificate and court certificate proving you have no criminal record.

Sporting License for Foreigners – 2 Days – This course is designed to prepare a foreign resident of Bulgaria for taking their Police Saftey Course in order to own and keep a weapon for sporting purposes. This is NOT for a hunting licence and we strongly suggest you speak to your local Police Department to alert them you would like to obtain a sporting licence.

Police Saftey Course – 3 Days (2 Days Training = 1 Day for exam)- This course is conducted by a third party at our training centre. We are able to help foreign residents of Bulgaria get through this course in English in order for them to request a licence to own a weapon and a small amount of ammunition at your residential address in Bulgaria.

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