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Sporting Weapons License for Foreigners – 2 Days

Sporting Weapons License for Foreigners

Thie two-day course is designed for foreign residents of Bulgaria who would like to own a pistol or rifle for “sporting purposes”. This means you are allowed to own a pistol, rifle (or both) and a small amount of ammunition at your home AFTER you have completed the official Police Saftey Course.

Once you have completed our own, in-house preparation course, you are then able to take the two day Police Saftey Course which will allow you to attend your local Bulgarian Police Station and request a Sporting License to be issued. Please note: It is 100% down to your local police department if they wish to grant you this licence so it is often best to visit them before taking any course to make sure they are happy.

A Sporting License allows you to bring your weapon/s to a range in Bulgaria and shoot at targets. This does not allow you to own a hunting rifle and use it or to “Conceal Carry” your weapon/s. To maintain your licence you will be expected to attend a range and shoot every 3-6 months and belong to a “Sporting Club” like the 360 Degree Shooting & Training Centre.

To maintain your licence you will be expected to attend a range and shoot every 3-6 months and belong to a “Sporting Club” like the 360 Degree Shooting & Training Centre.

We start at 0900 with introductions to your instructors in the class room. We then begin the most important aspect of the course; safety training. After an introduction to the three weapon systems you will be training on (Usually M4, Ak47/74 and Glock) and NSPs or Normal Saftey Procedures when handling these weapons.

Still in the classroom, you will then progress onto stripping and assembling the weapons so you are able to understand how they work as well as being able to strip and maintain your own weapon once you are qualified to own one. After this, you will go through your weapon handling tests on all weapons to show your instructors you are safe and capable.

As we want to demonstrate your understanding of weapon ownership in Bulgaria to your local authorities, we also focus on Bulgarian Law regarding weapon ownership as well as first aid by our qualified paramedic instructors who will introduce you to life-saving techniques developed in combat zones around the world.

By now, you will be feeling very safe and confident with the weapons you are training on and Day 2 sees you on the range for the first time to apply the principles you learnt the previous day. You will complete a static shoot (from a kneeling, sitting, lying or standing position) on each weapon.

Safety is as ever of paramount importance and at all times you will be under the strict supervision of your instructors. They are used to training both military and civilians and if at any time you have a question or a concern, just ask and they WILL help!

The day ends with certificates and a bit of fun as we give all students the opportunity to test fire some of the more “exotic” weapons in our armoury including pump-action shotguns, revolvers and a great deal more!

Q. Does this course guarantee me a gun lisecene at the end of it?

A. No.
You will still have to take the 3 Day Police Saftey Course and apply at your local police station after you have completed that with all necessary documents. The police have every right to refuse so it is suggested you go and visit them before attending any course.

Q. What's included in the price?

A. Everything you need apart from overnight accommodation (€10 PPPN at the Training Centre upon request) and your evening meal which we can also provide at the training centre upon request.

Q. How much ammunition will I fire?

A. We usually shoot around 100 rounds of live ammunition and that is included in the course price. Additional ammunition can be ordered at Gold Membership prices for use with the exotic weapons or simply to allow you to get more time on the range.

Q. Do I need any specialist equipment or clothing?

A. Not really but you will be spending half the course outdoors so prepare accordingly. It is important to have good supportive shoes or boots and NO HIGH HEELS!

All safety equipment is supplied by us.

Q. Do I REALLY need to do this course to obtain my license?

A. No.

However, we have met a lot of foreign residents of Bulgaria who have zero experience of weapon ownership due to laws in their own countries and the majority run into problems when applying via the normal channels. The 3 Day Police Saftey course is usually held in Bulgarian but for students who have attended our two-day course we are able to help you through it as we KNOW you are up to our high standards and so should your local police department.

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