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Gift: Nightlife


Shoot in complete darkness
100 rounds

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Practice precision shooting under complete darkness with the tech used by elite marksmen! This shooting experience takes place in the dark part of the day and includes 100 rounds. It is suitable for individual shooters or small groups – up to 3 participants. Two rifles are included – .22 LR high precision ‘sniper’ rifle and a Heckler & Koch MR308 rifle. Tactical scopes, night vision attachments, thermal camera, laser designations and thermal targets are also provided.

The following topics are covered:

  • Description of weapon systems, parts and tools
  • How to ensure weapon in safe state and firearm safety procedures
  • Drills: load, ready, fire, change magazine, stop firing, unload and make safe
  • Intro to marksmanship principles and stances (standing & prone positions)
  • Various target drills

What is included in the price:

  • This package can be used from up to 3 shooters
  • Instructor (speaking English, Bulgarian or Russian)
  • Range rental
  • Weapons rental – a .22 LR high precision ‘sniper’ rifle and Heckler & Koch MR308 rifle
  • All needed consumables
  • Ammunition – 100 pcs.
  • All personal safety equipment

Additional information


AK-47, Glock 17


7.62×39mm – 60 pcs., 9mm- 40 pcs.


approx. 1-2 hours


up to 3

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