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Big guns


This shooting experience features three weapon systems, M16, AK-47 and a 12 Gauge shotgun, as well as 100 rounds – 60 for AK, 20 for the M16 and another 20 for the 12 Gauge.ย Itย is intended for individual shooters or small groups – up to 3 participants.



During this shooting experience you will feel the firepower of the AK-47, the precision of the M16 and the kick of the 12 Gauge shotgun.

The shooting experience covers the following topics:

  • Description of weapon system & parts
  • How to ensure weapon in safe state and firearm safety procedures
  • Drills: load, ready, fire, change magazine, stop firing, unload and make safe
  • Intro to marksmanship principles and stances (standing & prone positions)
  • Various target drills

What is included in the price:

  • Instructor (speaking English, Bulgarian, Russian or Polish)
  • Range rental
  • Weapons rental – AK-47, M16 and 12 Gauge shotgun
  • All needed consumables
  • Ammunition – 7.62ร—39mm – 60 pcs., 5.56mm – 20 pcs., 12 Gauge – 20 pcs.
  • All personal safetyย equipment


Additional information


AK-47, M16, 12 Gauge shotgun


7.62ร—39mm – 60 pcs., 5.56mm – 20 pcs., 12 Gauge – 20 pcs.


approx. 1-2 hours


up to 3

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