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One Day Shooting Packages for Visitors to Bulgaria

We are delighted to be able to offer fun and informal Training Days for small groups visiting us from the Ski & Summer resorts.

Please note: Our training center is also used by Military And Governmental agencies as well as civilians. For this reason, WE DO NOT offer “Stag Do Experiences”!

When you shoot with us you will learn the basics of how to be competent with your selected weapon systems in a safe and controlled manner. The only way of doing this is by firing said weapon systems as much as you can whilst you are with us.

So if you are serious about your shooting experience and want to learn a new skill that very few people possess, book today!

Stage 1

Your day starts in our on-site classrooms where you will receive your safety brief moving on to a simple weapon handling test for your selected weapons.

Failure to pass the Saftey Test will result in you having to re-take the test until we can prove you are competent.

Stage 2

Usually, our students progress to the outdoor learner shooting bays before lunch. Here you will do your Static Shoots from a standing, lying or sitting position. You will be instructed 1-on-1 by our ex-military BG and UK instructors to ensure you are hitting the target every time you pull the trigger!

Stage 3

Once our instructors are happy that you are competent from a Static shooting position, you may progress to moving on the range with your weapon systems to begin to understand the tactics and drill involved in engaging targets in a hostile environment. By this stage you should also be competent in switching from your Primary weapon (M4 or AK for example) to your Secondary weapon (Glock 19 for example) as well as reloading when needed to keep you in the fight!

Your Weapon Systems

Most of our students want to be competent on at least one Primary weapon (a rifle such as an AK74 for example) and a Secondary weapon (a pistol such as a Glock or Sig Suer for example), but with over 50 weapon systems in stock you are free to choose what to shoot! We also have a number of “exotic” and antique weapons in stock if you are looking for something a little different!


Each student will be firing around 200 rounds of ammunition with us on the Training Day. To put this into context, most British Army Soldiers will fire around half of this amount over a year unless deployed on Operations. This is to make sure you walk away from us REALLY understanding how to effectively use a variety of different firearms.

Want to keep shooting?

Usually, our students feel so competent towards the middle of the afternoon with us they often want to try more scenarios with different weapons. To help, all Training Day students receive a One Day Gold Membership so they can keep shooting for the lowest possible cost. Discounts off overnight accommodation at our facility and in Plovdiv itself can also be provided at discount if students want to have the night out in Plovdiv which is highly recommended!


How do I get to your from the Ski Resorts?

In general, we are REALLY easy to find and are located just off the main highway (Trakia Highway) exactly 138km from Sofia.

Private Transfer companies can be found in all resorts for various different prices.

Car hire is probably one of the cheapest and easiest way of reaching us.

Public transport in Bulgaria is good and cheap if you and your group are on a budget.





  • Driving – Find us on Google Maps – About 2 hrs and 30 mins.
  • Bus – Bansko to Plovdiv Bus station – Information – We will pick your group up from Plovdiv Bus station

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Make sure you bring comfy clothes which do not restrict movement. You will probably be getting dirty and or wet at some points so Prada is not essential!

Jeans, T-shirt and a fleece with a water proof jacket should be fine.

Appropriate footwear is ESSENTIAL and we suggest a good pair of boots is a must… no high heels please ladies!

I want to keep shooting! How much will it cost?!

As you have Gold Membership included in your course price you can take advantage of the discounts applied to this membership level.

You can see the prices here.

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