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Maritime Security Officer

The City and Guilds Maritime Security Operators (MSO) Training qualification has been designed for individuals wishing to operate or currently operating as a Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP). The Maritime Security Operators (MSO) qualification is the only accredited qualification based directly on the new international standard for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs): ISO28007 (Guidelines for PMSCs providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships).

Upon completion of this course students will develop the knowledge and skills required to operate within the Maritime Security Industry, particularly an Anti-Piracy role.

The awarding body does highlight the fact that in order to progress to employment within the industry many employers will expect previous firearms handling experience and often a suitable accompanying medical qualification such as First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS I) certificate.

The course is delivered by experienced instructors who have experience of working within the anti-piracy security sector.

This course is ideal for anyone who already have previous military experience or police/security service experience involving firearms. You may already be working in the sector and wish to gain additional skills and knowledge mapped to the new ISO28007 standard and/or demonstrate your competence as a Maritime Security Operator (MSO) by holding the qualification.

To achieve the certificate, students must achieve 6 credits from the following four mandatory units:

Unit 1 – The Maritime Security Industry
Unit 2 – Maritime Security pre-deployment planning and procedures
Unit 3 – Maritime Security operating procedures
Unit 4 – Incident management and post operational procedures

The Level 3 award provides the opportunity to gain standardised and industry approved skills and knowledge to work as a Maritime Security Operator.

It is an accredited, nationally-recognised qualification at Level 3 qualification, which allows military leavers to access ELCAS funds.

The MSO package will require some mandatory Guided Learning Hours (GLH) prior to attendance, the tasks and activities are estimated to take between 8 – 10 hrs to complete depending on prior knowledge and experience in the industry. The pre-course learning tasks are formally assessed at the start of the course. This mandatory learning and completion of the pre-course tasks must be presented on the first day of the course in order sit the remainder of the programme and complete the City & Guilds Assessments and we therefore strongly recommend that students ensure they can commit to the mandatory GLH’s. Tutor support is available via email to assist in completion of the tasks and you will receive access to a short e-learning support platform to assist you in completing pre-course learning.

To achieve the certificate, students must achieve 6 credits from the four mandatory units.

Students who successfully complete this course will be issued with the Level 3 City & Guilds Award for Maritime Security Operators (MSO).

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