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  • From IGTV videos (we can't get enough) and memes (who doesn't love to laugh) to design trends like collage and monochrome, we're covering Instagram's 2020 trends. Find out more about the trends that matter:

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  • Say hello to this month's freebies! 🙌

We've got a curated selection of files – from fonts and videos to templates and presentations....because sometimes the best things in life really are free. 

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  • We've done a round up of the very best Instagram Story Templates of 2020 to help you create eye-catching 👀and engaging content. Head to the blog via the ink in our bio.

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  • Just add glitter and kawaii ✨

Friday fun by @frankieleemwah #madewithenvato

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  • Color me happy. 

Images by @pascalkrumm via @twenty20 – head to link in the bio and swipe to quick links. 

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Training Packages

First Nu Boyana Film Studios Actors Military Skills (AMS 1) A Success!


Last weekend (24-26th Feb 2017) we delivered our first course for Nu Boyana Film Studios with the first ten actors qualifying as “Special Actors & Extras” who are now eligable for “Special Roles” (and higher pay!) in upcoming major Hollywood action movies!

The actors ranged in age from 19-40, both male and female and came from as far as the UK and Germany to attend.

The three day course was focused on developing new military skills and tactics relevant for the movie industry. This included heavy emphasis on SAFE weapon handeling with live weapons and ammunition – effectivly over training the actors – with over 200 rounds fired per student on multiple weapon systems that included AK47/74, M4, Glock, Pump action shotgun, revolvers and more!

Other skills taught included patrol techniques, prisoner handeling and body searches as well as many “Real World Skills” that are applicable in todays society. This included an introduction to massive medical trauma and armed and unarmed combat; both skills that could save a life or prevent a physical assault on the students.

The final exercise consisted of a scenario where the Plovdiv Liveration Front (PLF – A dark, right wing criminal/political group we made up for the perposes!) took power in Plovdiv over night and after a “rude awekening”,  the students had to defend the Training Centre from the threat!

Everyone survived and ther PLF surrendered!

Nu Boyana Film Studios also sent a camera crew to cover the first course and we look forward to sharing the video once it’s complete!

Our three instructors (all BG and UK Ex-military) were delighted with the effort and ethusiasm of the students who have given (so far) 95% positive feedback on their experience!

Thansk to the first students for making this first course epic and we look forward to the next course on the 7th – 9th April 2017.

To book, click here!

Black Friday 50% all selected courses and accommodation

Black Friday Promotion

Horizon are delighted to announce our Black Friday promotion; 50% off all courses listed in the table below.  Please note, we have limited the discounts available to the first 10 bookings of each course.

Terms & conditions:

·Payment must be made in full via our website;

  • We have limited this promotion to the first 10 bookings per course

·         The promotion will end at 23:59 hours on 5th December 2016

  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with existing promotional offers or ELCAS claims
  • Horizon reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time.

To redeem the discount, simply proceed to our website;, select the course you wish to attend, add to basket and enter voucher code ‘black16’. The product will display at the discounted sale price.

Example of savings shown in the table below:

Course Full course fee Black Friday promotion 50% off Full course – with accommodation Black Friday promotion 50% off
Close Protection £1,800 £900 £2,360 £1,180
Close Protection – Refresher £750 £375 £890 £445
CP & FPOS I £2,000 £1,000 £2,700 £1,350
CP, FPOS I & MIRA £2,500 £1,250 £3,375 £1,688
CP, FPOS I, FREC & MIRA £2,980 £1,490 £3,855 £1,928
FPOS I £350 £175 £490 £245
FPOS I – Refresher £250 £125 £320 £160
FREC Level 3 £500 £250 £675 £338
FREC Level 4 £500 £250 £675 £338
FPOS I & MIRA £1,000 £500 £1,315 £658
FPOS I REF & MIRA REF £750 £375 £995 £498
MIRA £750 £375 £890 £445
MIRA – Refresher £500 £250 £570 £285
Weapons Competency £350 £175
ACLS £420 £210 £490 £245
PHTLS £420 £210 £490 £245
HSE Approved Offshore Medic £1,600 £800 £2,020 £1,010
HSE Approved Offshore Medic – With Placement £2,500 £1,250 £2,920 £1,460
MIMMS £595 £298 £700 £350

The above prices are subject to VAT (20%)

Please email for any bookings queries, in the first instance please follow the details below.

To redeem the discount, simply proceed to our website;, select the course you wish to attend, add to basket and enter voucher code ‘black16’. The product will display at the discounted sale price.

Promo video:

Kind regards

The Horizon Team



Source: Black Friday 50% all selected courses and accommodation

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