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2 Day Police Safety Course

2 Day Police Safety Course

According to Bulgarian Ordinance № Iz – 575 issued in March 2011, all persons wishing to obtain a permit to carry a short rifled firearm (pistol or rifle) must have a certificate of course completion for safe handling of weapons; AKA: The Three Day Police Safety Course.

Any foreigner wishing to attend this course is strongly advised to attend our Sporting License For Foreigners – 2 Day Course before hand.

You will require the following documents:

  • 2 x Passport photos
  • Bulgarian ID Card – You MUST have BG Residence to take this course
  • Medical certificate from your doctor
  • Court conviction certificate

The cost of this course is €125 and covers…

Legal & Safety Theory

Lectures on legal training in order to introduce students to the legal normalities rights and obligations when handling and carrying firearms as well as medical training on the topic of first aid to casualties with injuries from firearms.

Firearms & Ammunition

Familiarise students with the classification of firearms and types of ammunition for small arms. Safety rules when handling firearms and ammunition rules for maintenance and storage of the weapon as well as the key elements of the techniques of shooting.

Practical Shooting

Shooting from different distances with different classes of firearms in the most popular calibres and performing exercises designed to teach the student safe handling of firearms. After passing the theoretical and practical parts of the exam before a briefing on handling and controlling hazardous materials.

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